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Become a better storyteller with motion with these workshops. 

During each class, learn from Scott Thompson, who started as a photographer and became a filmmaker. Follow along with Scott's creative process and finish each course with a shareable motion piece of your own.

Webinar Workshops

Take your storytelling in a new direction with new skills

No pre-recorded videos to watch

All classes are webinars where you interact with other participants and ask questions with Scott.

One-on-one mentorship

You get to schedule time with Scott to work through the assignment and ask questions.

Assignment to finished project

Each workshop has an assignment to use the skills taught in class and walk away with a finished project.

Final presentation and group critique

The best way to learn is with a critique and hear from different points of view to grow new skills.

What people have said about taking these workshops

Alyce  Henson

Took workshop Oct 2020

"It was great to have Scott as an instructor, he’s giving of his time, especially when I needed one on one help. He’s passionate about teaching image makers the right skills to become better motion storytellers.

The online format worked better than I expected. We were able to do all lessons online from our own computers without any travel time or expenses, which gave us more time to schedule production time. With the amount of access we had toScott during the workshop I never felt like I wasn’t getting the information I needed to learn the material."

Kourtney  Sellers

Took workshop Oct 2020

"Over the week, we participated in virtual meet-ups with classmates to discuss the process and techniques of creating the story and dedicated one-on-one meetings with Scott to review footage, edits, and how we might bring the final piece to fruition. Many of us were experimenting with a new camera and editing software for the first time. I could sense a low level of apprehension amongst the group at our first meeting, like, "can we do this in one week?". But withScott's precision-focused teaching techniques and the participants' collective love for telling a great story, it made for an inspiring and supportive atmosphere. In the end, everyone succeeded in learning lots of new things quickly while leaning in on the strong community that the APA provides. It seems that there might be more video workshops coming from Scott on down the road. If so, I look forward to signing up, and I can only imagine others will, too. "

Saverio  Truglia

Took workshop Oct 2020

"I learned ways to better organize my vision into productions by writing it down, step-by-step. Since learning to segment concepts into their component parts, shoots have been more productive and my narratives clearer. With this as a document, clients and my teams have a useful roadmap to follow. Scott was patient, available and supportive. The materials were relevant and are still worth referring to today."

Brooke Hummer

Took workshop Oct 2020

I was nervous about applying my limited motion abilities into a finished piece but with Scott’s generous and patient attention, I mastered the skills quickly.  The path from still photography to motion is intimidating but Scott is the perfect teacher and guide.  I appreciated his clear instruction about technical details and his inspiring direction in storytelling techniques. The one on one mentoring along with the group support was a unique learning opportunity.

Jay Grabiec

Took workshop Oct 2020

I’ve been shooting and teaching still photography for a while, but haven’t quite been able to get the knack for video. I’ve had the vision for what I know I want, but have had a really difficult time translating that vision into reality. So when I heard Scott was offering a Motion Storytelling workshop for photographers, I jumped at the opportunity. Scott is someone who was able to successfully transition his skills as a photographer so I knew I had a lot to learn from him. Scott was able to break down many of the struggles I was having into easy to understand ideas that I could then use in a real world production. Having him work WITH me on that production was crucial as I was able to witness his approach and learn from it in a hands-on environment. This hands-on attention is what made this learning experience really work for me. The lecture process introduced some new ideas and the one-on-one sessions helped bring them into practice which is where I saw some real growth in my own skills. I found this workshop to be an invaluable experience in improving my skill set as a video producer. Anyone who wants to expand their skills or take the next step from still photography to motion should take this workshop!

Steve Babuljak

Took workshop Oct 2020

For any photographer looking to do more motion storytelling but not knowing where to start I would highly recommend Scott Thompson’s workshops. He brings a highly organized yet non-intimidating framework that is very accessible to all skills levels. His background in telling human narratives comes not allow with a high level of experience but also with a gentle and encouraging approach that can level up anyone’s game. Scott walks you through how to organize your creative ideas into a succinct plan with step by step actions to help you go from concept, capture, to edit.

Nicolas Bates

Took workshop Oct 2020

I have been a professional stills photographer for many years, and although I've always been drawn to motion, I really wanted to have a very foundational understanding of where to start and how to create an original, deliberate and engaging narrative before I attempted anything. Scott Thompson's workshop provided me with the structure I needed to feel confident in creating strong narrative motion pieces, regardless of subject or theme. Scott is accessible, kind, has a great, positive attitude, and you can genuinely tell he wants people to succeed. I look forward to being able to take more of Scott's workshops in the future.

Francine St Laurent

Took workshop March 2021

Paul Helmig

Took workshop March 2021

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